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Sec. Perez Facing Increased Scrutiny For Avoiding Work Responsibilities

Earlier this year, AR2 highlighted examples of Labor Secretary Tom Perez abdicating his taxpayer funded job in order to push a political message on behalf of Hillary Clinton. Throughout the summer, he has continued to mix politics with his official business, raising eyebrows from observers who question whether that is appropriate.

Bloomberg: DOL’s Perez Walks Election Tightrope as Clinton Supporter

As Labor Secretary, Perez most important responsibility should be to uphold the oath that he took to the American people, who fund him and his department. Unfortunately, his frequent stops on the campaign trail make it clear that he puts his own political priorities above the interests of the American people, a sentiment that is becoming increasingly popular:

One observer sees problems with cabinet members engaging in those sorts of efforts.

 “It’s a misuse of his time to go around campaigning on state and local issues rather than doing the job that he was appointed to do, which is to oversee the operations of the Labor Department,” Trey Kovacs, a labor policy analyst at the conservative think tank Competitive Enterprise Institute, told Bloomberg BNA.

This behavior from Perez is an indication of his true motivations and should not be soon forgotten. Tom Perez is a purely political figure who will focus on his own self-interest and agenda before concerning himself with the interest of the country. That’s shameful behavior from someone that is supposed to be a national leader.

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