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Sanders Vows To Implement Radical Democrat Party Platform

In a speech yesterday launching his new political group, Our Revolution, Bernie Sanders returned to his crown jewel: the 2016 Democrat Party Platform.

While Sanders did not win his party’s nomination for President, he was successfully at dragging the Democrat Party to the extreme left on various policies that essentially declare war on American free enterprise and the private sector. In July, AR2 released “The Sanders Manifesto” that noted specifics on how the Sanders-crafted platform represents a threat to working Americans.

Last night, Sanders re-iterated that he is going to use his political clout in order to promote and enact these harmful policies:

In a bid to finally win over skeptical Sanders supporters who distrust her, Hillary Clinton has wrapped her arms around this misguided agenda and owns every one of the many extreme proposals in this year’s Democrat platform.

With Sanders now recommitting to pushing these ideas and Clinton planning to use the Platform as her White House blueprint, it’s important that Americans understand how these policies would devastate business, eliminate good-paying jobs, and make it tougher for families across the country to realize the American Dream.

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