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Sacramento Bee’s Bill Whalen: “Sure Looks Like Steyer Is Running”

Core News has been on top of Tom Steyer’s naked political ambition for some time now, and others in California seem to be taking note of his growing shadow campaign for governor.

The Sacramento Bee’s Bill Whalen penned a column on Thursday with a bold, but true, headline: “Sure looks like Steyer is running.”

More from Whalen:

Perhaps the most curious ad in this campaign season is a television spot featuring Tom Steyer, the Bay Area hedge-fund billionaire turned climate-change evangelist, major underwriter of Democratic candidates and crusades – and, maybe a year from now, a candidate to replace Gov. Jerry Brown. It’s not so much what Steyer says. … Rather, it’s how the billionaire introduces himself to voters. With just three words: “I’m Tom Steyer.”

Whalen goes on to argue that if Steyer was not planning to run for governor, he would have no need to introduce himself to California voters on television. We agree.

Whalen also says California “need[s] him to run,” but not for reasons one would expect:

High-stakes California elections require a heavy – a candidate of wealth and privilege whose riches are both an asset and an easy target. … Maybe Steyer, by assuming no formal introduction to voters is necessary, isn’t so much arrogant as he is astute. The longer you don’t know he’s wealthy, the more you might like him. Unless you happen to be competing against those hedge-fund profits.

Unfortunately, it will be difficult for Steyer to hide his massive wealth – especially given the fact he is single-handedly bankrolling his own Super PAC right now.

We also wonder what California Democrats will think when they discover that Steyer made his massive fortune in part off of fossil fuels that he now decries.

Is it possible for a candidate to lose a gubernatorial primary before he even jumps in the race? Keep up with Core News to find out!

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