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RNC Protest Wrap-Up: Chaos And Communists Run Amok In Cleveland

Liberals and communists joined forces last week, protesting and creating a disturbance in the streets of Cleveland outside of the Republican National Convention. America Rising Squared was there to document the protests and show just how extreme these demonstrators really are:

But the communists didn’t stop by calling for an overthrow of the American government…they then attempted to shamefully burn the American flag before being valiantly stopped by Cleveland Police:

One protester, a SEIU member, unveiled the truth about her own union and debunked the fraudulent “Fight For $15.” The member furiously claimed that the big union bosses at the SEIU don’t care about their members or workers, they only care about boosting their own salaries:

America Rising Squared looks forward to capturing what promises to be even more chaos at the Democratic National Convention this week.

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