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Reckless Iran Deal Comes to an End

Yesterday, President Trump announced that the U.S. would withdraw from the Iran nuclear deal. This failed Obama-era foreign policy agreement made our nation less safe and bolstered Iran’s ability to engage in terrorist activities.

Editorial Boards of media outlets across the country are praising the president for pulling out of the dangerous deal highlighting its threat to our national security:

Boston Herald: ” Iran agreement a bad deal”

National Review: “Out of the Iran Deal”

New York Post: “Why Trump was completely right to kill the Iran deal”

Washington Examiner: “Trump was right to kill the disastrous Iran deal”

The Washington Times: “Trashing a bad deal”

The Wall Street Journal “After Obama’s Iran Deal”

The Federalist also noted that the president was right to exit the agreement:

“Since the Iran Deal did absolutely nothing meaningful to safeguard against the production of nuclear weapons in the long run, it’s in the national interest of the United States to exit and seek a better deal.”

Withdrawing from the deal was also supported by key regional allies such as Israel, Saudi Arabia, and the United Arab Emirates.

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