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Radical NLRB Bureaucrats Deal Another Blow To Free Enterprise

In just the latest in what seems to be an endless string of bureaucratic rulings targeting American free enterprise, the NLRB ruled today that college graduate students now have the right to unionize:

This is an extreme position that threatens private educational institutions across the country and only grows big labor’s radical movement for political clout. Today’s ruling threatens the authority that experienced educators previously made involving undergraduate students and teaching assistants, taking freedom away from faculty and giving it to the students they are instructed to teach.

The previous ruling from the NLRB correctly determined that, “being a graduate assistant working toward a degree is not a relationship that’s primarily economic. It’s primarily academic.” Much like the educational experience obtained in an internship, a graduate student is working in a job that will benefit them in the future and should not be entitled to the right to unionize.

Today’s misguided ruling can just be added to the list of ways that the NLRB is seeking to transform the American private sector and make it subservient to radical big labor bosses.

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