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Puzder’s CKE Restaurants Are In Compliance W/ Federal Law & Act As A Model American Company

There’s been some blowback from frustrated liberals and big labor allies accusing Andy Puzder’s CKE Restaurants of not following federal law and breaking rules that he’s set to enforce as the next Labor Secretary.

However, an examination from Bloomberg shows that Puzder’s restaurants have actually been in high compliance, and none of the audits yielded any violations:

Of the 108 audits, only six appear to be at corporate-run restaurants, as the remaining investigations were not entered in the data set with an affiliation to CKE. Those six cases combined to yield zero violations.

The piece also noted that CKE’s record was, “fairly clean,” especially when, “compared to other large fast-food chains.

A later Bloomberg piece noted that none of the restaurants run by CKE was found to have committed any FLSA violations and that the existing investigations into the restaurant are, “among the lowest levels of scrutiny in the fast-food industry as a share of overall stores.”

On top of that, some of the great work that CKE Restaurants has done hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. With Puzder at the helm, CKE started a program in 2011 called, “Stars For Heroes,” which supports military charities. As of September 2016, the annual fundraising campaign had raised over $6.5 million to support these important organizations, including $1.5 million this past year.

Liberals will use everything they can to try and smear Puzder and attack his company, but the record speaks for itself. On top of complying with federal law at a high level, CKE has supported military charities and done important work that all Americans can be proud of.



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