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President Obama Slips, Stumbles And Falls In SCOTUS Interview

In an interview earlier today, President Obama had a couple of bad moments that symbolize how poorly the White House’s push to nominate Merrick Garland has gone. The reason behind the President’s aggressive push has nothing to do with The Constitution, but is simply because he wants to cement his failed liberal agenda on The Supreme Court for generations to come.

During the interview today, the President got several basic facts wrong, which has become the new normal for this Administration.

When talking about Merrick Garland, President Obama claimed that “in the past, he’s been confirmed unanimously by the Senate for the current position that he holds.” Seems as if the President is just making things up to try and improve his argument because Merrick Garland was NOT confirmed unanimously. In 1997, 23 senators voted against his nomination to the D.C. Circuit Court.

Amazingly enough, this isn’t the first time a liberal ally has made this mistake. In April, Bill Clinton twice claimed that Garland was confirmed unanimously.

Later on in today’s interview, President Obama criticized Republicans for not holding a hearing or a vote because it’s an election year,incredulously asking “where’d that rule come from?” The President must have a short memory because Republicans actually got that rule from his own Vice-President, Joe Biden. In 1992 as Judiciary Chairman, Biden stated on the Senate floor that a President should not nominate a Supreme Court justice in an election year.

These errors are embarrassing and just add to the disaster that has been the Left’s campaign to nominate Merrick Garland. Between being wildly outspent and failing to generate interest among voters, now President Obama is getting basic facts about Garland’s past and Joe Biden’s rules wrong.

As this push continues to fail, it becomes more obvious that this effort is solely about President Obama and his desire to fundamentally change the dynamic of the Supreme Court in the waning months of his presidency. This political power grab is nothing new for the Obama administration and just another example of this White House’s tendency to put partisanship above policy.

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