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POTUS Visits State Where 73% Of Residents Back His Tax Reform Plans

Later today, President Trump will visit an oil refinery in Mandan, North Dakota to implore Congress to pass a comprehensive tax reform plan that gives much-needed relief to middle class Americans.

Some data from last week indicates that he should get plenty of support during his remarks.

The survey, done by Definers Public Affairs and WPA Intelligence, showed that nearly 73% of North Dakotans were in favor of congressional Republicans tax plan that would create savings for the middle class. The plan not only enjoys broad support from North Dakota residents, as the nine other states surveyed all said that they strongly favored the GOP’s tax reform outline.

While North Dakota Senator Heidi Heitkamp has received “F” ratings from the National Taxpayers Union in the past and opposed common-senseplans to abolish the death tax, hopefully she recognizes that her constituents support the President’s tax reform plan and she does not join her colleagues in obstructing it.

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