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Polling Confirms: America Wants Judge Gorsuch For #SCOTUS

The praise for Judge Gorsuch from both sides of the aisle, as well as editorial boards and commentators has been widespread since President Trump nominated him last Tuesday. The waxing over his high qualifications to serve on the nation’s highest court seems to have made an impression on the public with two separate polls showing clear support for his confirmation:

CNN/ORC: “Gorsuch Nomination Meets With Positive Reception”

  • +13 Margin Believes Senate Should Vote In Favor Of Confirming
  • +15 Margin Has A Positive First Impression Of Gorsuch

Huffington Post/YouGov: “POLL: Donald Trump’s SCOTUS Pick Draws A Positive Reaction” 

  • +12 Margin Approves The Choice
  • +15 Margin Believes Senate Should Vote In Favor Of Confirming

The Supreme Court vacancy was on the ballot last fall and the American people voted for Donald Trump. Now, it’s clear that they strongly approve of his selection and want to see Judge Gorsuch confirmed. Senate Democrats need to listen to the American people and not stand in the way of an exemplary Supreme Court nominee.

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