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Surprise! Politico Relies On Committed Left-Winger For Plagiarism Smear

Politico’s smear job this evening trying to allege plagiarism by Judge Gorusch relies chiefly on the perspective of a so-called plagiarism expert and Syracuse University professor named Rebecca Moore Howard, who charges that Gorsuch’s writing represents “a violation of academic ethics.”

But like the rest of this thin story – the conclusions of which are directly refuted even by the victims of the supposed plagiarism – a cursory look at Professor Howard shows she’s a committed left-winger, an open Obama supporter who has even attacked the new First Lady of the United States as “the current Trump woman.”

Ms. Moore Howard was open about her support for President Obama, tweeting that she had a yard sign supporting his campaign and voted for him in 2008:

She also has expressed support for Elizabeth Warren, posted on Facebook that she stood in solidarity with those protesting President Trump, and even mocked First Lady Melania Trump on Twitter as “the current Trump woman.”

Furthermore, public records indicate that she is currently affiliated with the fringe Green Party and prior to that was a registered Democrat. She even bizarrely tried to connect plagiarism with rape in a wild leap that was panned by Jonah Goldberg in National Review:

National Review (Goldberg): “Plagiarism Is Rape? According To Some Academics It Is”

While numerous acclaimed professors and even one of the alleged victims strongly repudiate these bogus charges against Judge Gorsuch, it’s no surprise that a dyed-in-the-wool left winger like Ms. Moore Howard would look past the facts in order to smear the Judge’s immaculate record. These partisan-motivated attacks are baseless and hopefully will be the last attack in what has been a shameful Democrat campaign designed to slander the name of a great Judge and great American.

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