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Politico/NYT: Democrats’ Garland Campaign Going Nowhere: “More Bark Than Bite”

As Democrats try to talk a big game on the Supreme Court vacancy, facts coming out of this weekend show the real story in how their campaign continues to flounder across the board.

Politico reported that while liberal groups are spending a measly $150,000 to try and break into coverage, conservatives have spent a whopping $4.5 million to make the case that the American people deserve to weigh in on Justice Scalia’s replacement. That’s 30 times more than what the left has spent. Politico went on to note that conservatives’ spending indicates their level of commitment to this fight:

The muscular spending from GOP-backed groups shows how dug-in conservatives are over their Garland blockade, and has helped keep almost all Senate Republicans moving in lockstep. Other than a series of perfunctory meetings with Republicans, parliamentary progress on Garland has been completely stopped.

Describing the Democrats campaign strategy as “more bark than bite,” as Politico did, has proven to be an apt description. On top of their failings on that front, The New York Times reported this morning that GOP Senators remain united in ensuring that the American people have their voice heard in this debate. While Senators may meet with him, conservatives are almost universal in their opposition to considering his nomination:

Then comes the statement, from one Republican senator after another: I had a pleasant visit with Judge Merrick B. Garland. He is an intelligent, talented jurist. However, I cannot support considering his nomination to the Supreme Court.

Republicans continue to hold strong because they understand that President Obama should not be allowed to make a lifetime Supreme Court appointment in the waning months of his presidency. While Democrats will continue to bloviate, they continue to fall further behind in their attempts to circumvent the voice of the American people.

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