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Pelosi Aims to Strip States’ Rights

As Nancy Pelosi prepares to take the gavel at the beginning of next year, she has made it clear that her first order of business will be to strip states’ rights to manage their own electoral process. Her proposed legislation is a direct attack on a state’s right to manage their own election.

Automatic Voter Registration, when managed by the states, is an effective way to cut costs and address voter fraud. AVR’s technology modernizes elections by deleting duplicate names and correcting errors, which will clean up outdated voter rolls. Pelosi’s proposal is a complete overreach of power that will lead to a dysfunctional system.

Auto Voter Registration has successfully been implemented in red and blue states around the country and is helping to make the state’s election system more efficient. Now Nancy Pelosi wants to try and bring DC style disfunction into something that works in states around the country.

But as usual, her legislation is not a serious attempt to implement Automatic Voter Registration. Pelosi’s latest plot is a thinly veiled attempt to take something that is working in the states and bring it into the disfunction of Washington DC. It is merely a ploy by Democrats to attack states rights.

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