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ObamaCare’s Effectiveness In Question As Missouri Lags Behind The Nation In Child Health Coverage

Georgetown University’s Center for Children and Families is out with a new report studying health care coverage rates of children across the country.

According to the University’s report, 95 percent are covered. Missouri’s child coverage rate is 94 percent, with the report finding that the uninsured rate had dropped in the state dropped from 98,000 to 80,000 between 2013 and 2015.

Judy Dungan, policy and advocacy director for the Missouri Children’s Leadership Council applauded the state’s efforts to cover more children, adding that it is “good fiscal policy”:

“It’s really inexpensive to cover kids for all of those screening services that in the long run actually end up saving money because the sooner you detect something and address the issue, deal with it, the less costly it is.” 

According to Joan Alker, Georgetown University Center for Children and Families attributed the state’s increase in the insured to ObamaCare. While modest gains have been made, ObamaCare has struggled to deliver coverage to a wide swath of Americans as intended and may become a hindrance to accessing coverage in the months ahead.

Health care has become more expensive than ever ahead of the law’s fourth enrollment season.  The rising cost of coverage is putting insurance out of reach for millions of people and their families. Turbulent times for ObamaCare are ahead and it will be worth tracking the law’s coverage progress in the months ahead.

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