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Obama To Continue Partisan Push To Cement His Failed Presidency

Later today, President Obama will conduct an interview with BuzzFeed News and continue his campaign to put in the place what The New York Times says would be the most liberal Supreme Court in 50 years.

The campaign up to this point can only be described as a colossal failure. So far, conservative groups have dramatically outspent liberal counterparts, taking the case directly to the American people that the President cannot be allowed to fundamentally transform the nation’s highest court in the waning months of his administration.

In addition to their failed paid advertising campaign, President Obama and his allies have tried to make their argument in media appearances with no avail. Julie Pace of The Associated Press reported that focus groups she observed were “completely uninterested” in this debate and that it would not impact voters’ decisions this fall.

Despite the fact that this effort has not yielded anything in terms of results, it’s not surprising that President Obama keeps trying to repeat the same message. It’s clear that he wants another reliable justice on the Supreme Court that will cement his failed liberal agenda. Fortunately, Republicans are doing the right thing in their unwavering commitment to prevent his politically motivated power grab.

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