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Obama –> Koster

In a move that reeks of utter panic, Chris Koster has released an ad featuring Barack Obama heaping praise on him and his liberal record.

A poll from July showed that 57 percent of Missourians disapprove of President Obama and his liberal policies that have been rejected by voters across the state. Obama lost the state by double-digits in the 2012 presidential election and his signature achievement, ObamaCare, will lead to higher premiums and fewer choices in the state.

This ad is also just another example that shows who Chris Koster really is. He may try and tout his conservative credentials and claim that he stands with the people of Missouri, but this ad makes it crystal clear that Koster is just another big-government liberal in the mold of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton:

In the ad, President Obama even says, “my name might not be on the ballot this year, but all the progress we’ve made together sure is. Chris Koster will build on that progress, not roll it back.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. A vote for Koster is a vote for the Obama-Clinton agenda that has been disastrous for Missouri.

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