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New UM System President Seeks Closer Ties With Missouri Legislature

After a year plagued with scandal and controversy across the University Of Missouri System, the system’s new President, Mun Choi, looks to bring stability and success across the system’s four campuses by establishing a “collect vision” that brings all shapeholders to the table for their input.

The “collective vision” Choi is seeking to create is a close and constant line of communication between faculty, staff, donors, and students, as well as outside influence from legislators and the business community:

Choi talked about developing a “collective vision” by spending time meeting with the state elected officials, visiting with area businesses and hearing from members of the university community.

 “The voices of faculty, students and staff — the heart and soul of the institution — matter greatly to me,” Choi said.

Choi’s commitment to create an inclusive environment that includes all of the shapeholders in the UM community has garnered praise from Missouri legislators and UM System board of curators:

“Dr. Choi is a man of vision, strategic thinking and integrity, an excellent communicator who is equally effective and comfortable with faculty, staff, donors, legislators and students,” said Pam Henrickson, chairwoman of the UM System board of curators.

 Rep. David Wood, a Republican from Versailles who serves as vice chairman of the legislature’s joint committee on education, said he was pleased to hear Choi talking about the need for university leadership to improve communication with Missouri lawmakers.

“Whoever was going to be the next president needs to work with the legislature closely,” Wood said. “From what I understand in conversations this morning, he did a good job of that in Connecticut. I certainly hope that’s something he’s willing to continue here.”

With Choi’s history of success around the education community, the UM community and students should look forward to the opportunities brought forward with Choi’s incoming presidency.

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