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NEW TRACKING VIDEO: Koster Refuses To Answer Questions About His Ties To Big Labor

In a typical Friday news dump, it was revealed that Chris Koster received a quarter million dollar donation – yes $250,000 – from the notorious public employee union AFSCME.

This massive donation comes after news in April that Koster raked in nearly $1 million in donations from union groups across Missouri.

As Big Labor continues to fund his campaign, it’s worth asking if the sole reason that Koster opposes Right To Work legislation, which would create jobs across Missouri, is due to his ties to these special-interest unions.

Well, Missouri Rising asked and Koster didn’t seem to appreciate the question, ignoring it as he entered the Jackson County Democrats’ Truman Gala at Arrowhead Stadium in Kansas City on Saturday:

Maybe Koster ignored us because he doesn’t like taking questions from the public or maybe he was mad because he had already seen the news that Missouri Rising was targeting him with an ad at Arrowhead about his political opportunism.

However, what makes the most sense is that he’s frustrated that more people are starting to learn the extent to which he is bought and paid for by Big Labor. They pour millions into his campaign and expect him to carry out their radical agenda quid pro quo. This means opposing Right To Work which will create jobs and supporting far-left policies that will weaken Missouri’s economy.

While Koster would love for these questions to go away, Missouri Rising plans to keep the full-court press on and ensure that all Missourians are aware of the control that labor unions have over him.

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