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New Terminal Would Help MO Economy

A Kansas City Star report from last week indicated that Southwest Airlines desperately wants Kansas City International Airport to add a single terminal to help the city maintain its strong business reputation.

A top Southwest Airlines executive told several hundred business and construction industry advocates this week that it’s time for the business community to step up and help persuade the public to support a new single-terminal construction project at KCI.

The message was that the new terminal is urgently needed now if Kansas City is going to remain a major league business city.

“If Kansas City truly wants a new airport to be the front door this city can be proud of for decades to come, it’s up to you,” Jason Van Eaton, Southwest’s vice president of governmental affairs, told about 450 people at a Kansas City luncheon Tuesday sponsored by the National Institute for Construction Excellence.

In these uncertain economic times, Kansas City and the state of Missouri should be doing everything possible to maintain an economic advantage. A new single terminal that would allow more travel to Kansas City and bring additional business into the city would be a boon for the economy.

If it can be paid for responsibility and finished efficiently, a new terminal at KCI would be an important investment for the city and state.

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