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New Study: Massive Minimum Wage Hike Would Hurt Hispanics

All evidence has shown that a $15/hr minimum wage poses serious economic consequences to workers and employers alike. In August, the Heritage Foundation released a study showing that this hike would eliminate 7 million jobs nationwide and even liberals admit that it would hamper economic growth.

Now, a new study from the LIBRE Institute shows how a massive minimum wage hike would have detrimental effects for Hispanics as well. According to TheBlaze, “the report revealed that increasing the minimum wage decreased job opportunities for Americans with a lower education level — something the study said to be more prevalent among Hispanics than the general population.”

On top of that, LIBRE found that while Hispanics do support a minimum wage increase, a clear majority, 58%, disapprove of the measure when they learned about the impact that it would have on jobs.

It is important to be focused on creating good-paying jobs for all Americans and the best way to do that is through private sector growth. An artificial minimum wage increase would eliminate jobs and create even more problems for workers that are struggling.

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