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New Administration Has Chance To Finally Curtail Extreme NLRB

In news that should excite job creators and Americans that want to grow the private sector, this morning’s Wall Street Journal details how the incoming administration can take a different tact than President Obama on the NLRB and make it so the board is not hostile to employers.

The NLRB now has a 2-1 Democratic majority with two empty seats. “I expect [the two vacancies] will be filled by Republican, employer-friendly nominees as soon as the President-elect nominates them and their nominations are confirmed by the Senate,” Jennifer Platzkere Snyder, an employment attorney at Dilworth Paxson LLP in Philadelphia, told Law Blog.

A previous report from Littler Mendelson PC is cited in The WSJ’s article, and that provides comprehensive insight into plans that the Trump Administration could take to help spur economic growth, such as eliminating the “quickie election,” rule, the joint employer rule, and the Persuader rule.

Specifically on the joint employer rule, the nonpartisan Congressional Budget Office (CBO) recently found that if it were canceled or eliminated, American families would see a net increase of $2.1 billion in real income. The report, which was summarized by The Washington Examiner, also notes that eliminating the burdensome rule would benefit workers, since any losses they see would be made up by money they save in lower prices and increasing profits.

There is broad consensus that the damage done by the Obama-era NLRB to job creators and individuals looking for work was severe. However, if the Trump Administration takes steps to install NLRB board members that are receptive to private sector growth and want to see government get out of the way of innovators and entrepreneurs, American workers and employers could experience a boon that helps grow the entire economy and benefits families nationwide.

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