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More Dems Obstruction: Delay Sought On Price Purely Motivated By Politics

In news that just broke, four very liberal Senators are trying to once again delay one of President Trump’s nominees, obstructing a process simply because they disagree with the politics of one of the President’s nominees.

This time, the public servant is Dr. Tom Price and Senators Elizabeth Warren, Tammy Baldwin, Patty Murray and Al Franken are seeking to drag out his eventual confirmation to lead the HHS Department by postponing a Finance committee vote scheduled for tomorrow.

The fact is that Dr. Price has already testified before two Senate committees (HELP & Finance) and answered questions. Many of the attacks against him have been debunked and some of the Senators that have attacked him have been called out for their hypocrisy.

The only reason these liberal Senators want to delay Dr. Price’s hearing is because they are wedded to ObamaCare and want to protect the failing law for as long as humanly possible. Dr. Price understands the reality that ObamaCare is failing and with his leadership, patients and doctors will once again be in charge of their own health care.

These continued Democrat attacks are baseless and only motivated by political disagreements. Instead of continuing to obstruct these nominees, they should committed to moving them forward just like President Obama and President Clinton’s selections were confirmed in short order.

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