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Directly Rejecting Message Voters Sent With Partisan Grandstanding

After a series of Right-To-Work bills passed the Missouri House by an overwhelming margin (100-59), Democrats in the State Senate are trying to slow down the legislation by dragging out this evening’s debate with a filibuster.

“This is nothing more than partisan grandstanding by Senate Democrats who are beholden to Big Labor and terrified at the thought of workers having more freedom,” said Missouri Rising communications director Jeremy Adler. “Missourians loudly indicated that they are tired of politics as usual and want state government to pursue policies that support job creation and economic growth. That starts with passing Right-To-Work and this political obstruction from Big Labor’s allies in the Senate is an affront to the message voters sent in November.”

The Senate took up SB 19, which contains Right-To-Work legislation, last night and despite this political maneuvering from Democrats in the Senate, the bill is still on track to be passed even with these stalling tactics taken into account.  Governor Eric Greitens has asked the legislature to pass a Right-To Work law and is anxious to sign the legislation.
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