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Today, Missouri’s House Committee on Economic Development voted “do pass” on House Committee Substitute for House Bills 91, 42, 131, 265 and 314 which contain Right-To-Work legislation, advancing the bills to the House Rules Committee for a hearing tomorrow. The legislation moved after an 8-4 vote in favor.

Missouri Rising applauds this committee for examining this legislation closely and deciding to move it forward in an efficient manner. Missourians have made it clear that the state needs to champion policies that will encourage hiring and economic growth, and passing Right-To-Work legislation is an important step to make this goal a reality.

The bill advanced through the Committee on Economic Development after affirmative votes from Representatives Rehder, Vescovo, Fitzwater, Grier, Lant, Miller, Pietzman, and Plocher. Missouri Rising’s Mark Rhoads testified in support of the legislation before the committee yesterday.

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