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Missouri Governor Recognizes Important Partnership With The Humane Society

Missouri Governor Jay Nixon participated in a roundtable at the Humane Society to recognize the capabilities of partnership between the state and the humane society.

At the event, Governor Nixon spoke about joint efforts of the state and Humane Society during the historic flooding in the St. Louis region over the past year:

“During the record flooding that swept through the St. Louis region in December and January, emergency responders and volunteers were not only working to rescue and shelter people whose homes were flooded, they were also working with the Humane Society and other organizations to see that pets were also protected and cared for,” Gov. Nixon said. “Coordination between the Humane Society, the Red Cross and emergency responder and managers is an important advancement that’s been made in our ability to respond to and recover from disasters in Missouri.”

During the record floods, nearly 80 dogs and cats were rescued and cared for by Missouri emergency responders and the Humane Society. The partnership between the State and the Humane Society was rightly recognized and appreciated by Governor Nixon.

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