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Manufacturing Plant In Harrisonville Means More Missouri Jobs

Recently, it was announced that Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc. would be building their first plant in Missouri, breaking ground in Harrisonville a couple of weeks ago:

Congresswoman Vicky Hartzler and state Sen. Ed Emery, R-Lamar, attended a groundbreaking of Advanced Drainage Systems, Inc.’s new plant Tuesday, the company’s first in Missouri. The two joined company CEO Joe Chlapaty for a ceremonial event to discuss the facility with members of the community.

 “This facility will help meet growing demand for our water management solutions, and we are excited about our increasing contributions to the state of Missouri and this wonderful community,” Chlapaty said.

The company has estimated that it will be hire roughly 50 people to work at the Harrisonville location when it opens in 2017.

It is because of pro-growth policies, low businesses taxes and a strong workforce that Advanced Drainage Systems chose to plant their roots in Missouri. To bring more companies into the state that will create new jobs and grow the economy, it’s crucial for the Legislature and Executive Branch to continue promoting the kind of policies that empower the private sector and make Missouri attractive for new businesses.



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