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LISTEN: Sen. Barrasso And Tony Perkins Both Praise Dr. Price

In a radio interview yesterday, Senator John Barrasso and the Family Research Council’s Tony Perkins both harped on why Dr. Tom Price is a perfect leader for the Dept. of Health and Human Services:

PERKINS: Let’s talk for a moment about Congressman Tom Price, I’ve worked with Tom for a long time. He’s another physician like yourself. Wouldn’t this be a pretty remarkable feat to have a doctor, surgeon actually, at the top of the organization, the entity, the agency that oversees healthcare in this country?

SEN. BARRASSO: I think it would be very important and that’s why I’m so supportive of him. He was an orthopedic surgeon, practiced in Georgia for a long time at Grady Memorial hospital in Atlanta taking care of a patient that he knows needs to be served. And that’s what puts him in a position that he should be Secretary of HHS. When we’re trying to provide care for people, not just give them medicaid cards, that doesn’t get the job done. Tom Price is the right one to know how to get the decisions back home to the states, which is where they’re best. Tom was in the State Senate in GA, I was in the State Senate in Wyoming. We just both always felt we could do a lot better with the same amount of money if we had local control in the decisions rather than Washington’s one-size-fits-all.

PERKINS: I couldn’t agree more. I think the solutions to many of the problems facing our nation are best approached at the state level, by the state leaders who are closest to the people and very responsive.

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