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Legislation To Support Scott Pruitt A Worthy Cause

Yesterday afternoon as the legislative session got under way, Missouri State Representative Travis Fitzwater offered a resolution to urge the United States Senate to confirm Scott Pruitt as Administrator of the EPA.

Fitzwater joins a wide variety of people who have vouched for and called for the confirmation of Pruitt. Current and former lawmakers, and journalists have said Pruitt has an “impressive resume,” is “one of the very best” appointments made by President-Elect Trump, will strike a balance “between environmental protection and economic prosperity,” and that he is an “excellent choice” to run the EPA.

While Missourians understand that the EPA is in desperate need of reform, Senator Claire McCaskill still appears to be hesitant on supporting Scott Pruitt.

Pruitt understands the importance of protecting clean air and clean water without imposing legally dubious and burdensome regulations that threaten the livelihoods of hardworking Missourians.

Missouri legislators should back this important resolution and urge their Senators, particularly Sen. McCaskill, to support the confirmation of Scott Pruitt so that he can work to clean up the EPA.

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