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Koster’s Second Ad: Millions In Office Upgrades, Salary Hikes Paid For By Taxpayers

Chris Koster’s first ad of the gubernatorial campaign obfuscated over important facts about his failures as a prosecutor in order to mislead the people of Missouri.  

Now, he’s at it again in ad number two, trying to tout “fiscal discipline,” while conveniently omitting the fact that his own record on fiscal discipline is an embarrassing failure.

As has already been pointed out, during a time of budget frugality, Koster doled out over $1 million in salary increases as Attorney General and poured over $3 million in taxpayer money into renovating his office.

When Koster claims that he’ll bring his record of fiscal discipline “to the rest of government,” Missourians should be very wary. As Attorney General, he threw Missourians money down the drain and the state simply can’t afford any more of that kind of reckless attitude.

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