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Koster To Union Hall To Rub Elbows W/ His Special Interest Friends

With the Missouri Governor’s race coming down to the wire, Chris Koster isn’t reaching out to independent voters in the state, but instead will be rubbing elbows later today with big labor special interests at a union hall in St. Louis.

It’s no surprise that Koster would do this and it’s emblematic of how he would behave as Governor.

Koster has taken millions from big labor groups throughout his campaign and would carry out their left wing agenda if elected. That includes stifling job creation by opposing Right-To-Work legislation and implementing additional big government regulations that burden private companies across the state.

Missouri doesn’t need a partisan operator in Jefferson City that will just do the bidding of the groups that funded his campaign. That is what Chris Koster has made a career of doing and why the platform he is running on is so disturbing.

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