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Koster Continues To Bankroll His Campaign With Union Money

After receiving a quarter million dollar donation last month from the nation’s largest public sector union AFSCME, yesterday Chris Koster took in a combined $150,000 in donations from the UFCW and the Western Missouri and Kansas Laborers’.

As detailed by The Kansas City Star in April, Chris Koster has now raked well over $1 million dollars in donations from unions. Obviously Koster has no problem taking the money of labor unions, but watch Koster’s reluctance to acknowledge Big Labor funding in his campaign when confronted by Missouri Rising:

While Koster may not be speaking about Big Labor’s financial influence in his campaign, it is clear from his policy positions that he has prioritized union money over Missourian jobs and the economy. Koster’s shameless allegiance to Big Labor may have lined his campaign’s pockets, but it has forced Koster to oppose Right To Work and support far-left policies that will prevent job growth while hampering Missouri’s economy.

It’s important that Missourians know the extent to which Big Labor is bankrolling Koster’s campaign because it’s clear that if he is elected, he will be more concerned with appeasing his largest donors than supporting policies that would spark economic growth in the state, which is why these contributions are so troubling.

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