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Koster & Clinton: Two Career Politicians Missouri Can’t Trust

Fresh off a disappointing forum where she was grilled about her private email server, Hillary Clinton descends into Missouri today to try and clean up after last night’s mess. It’s still an open question as to whether her number one supporter in Missouri, Chris Koster, will be in attendance to boost her spirits.

Koster has been a committed Clintonite since last November, and Clinton even endorsed him at an event last December.

While Hillary Clinton has been under fire for allegedly using the State Department to reward donors to the Clinton Foundation, Koster’s shady decision making has been called into question as well.

In 2014, a “stinging” report from The New York Times found that as Attorney General, Koster gave special treatment to lobbyists and campaign contributors, dropping lawsuits when those under investigation filled his coffers. That kind of unethical behavior is right on par with Clinton and is the same kind of crony capitalism that has created so much dysfunction in both Washington D.C. and Jefferson City.The St. Louis Post-Dispatch noted as much, saying that Koster had “a reputation for opportunistic politics and questionable fundraising.”

Instead of looking out for the people they serve, Clinton and Koster have used their positions of power to reward their friends and contributors. Missourians are smart enough to know that both these individuals should be disqualified because their past time in public office has been riddled with such corruption and dishonesty.

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