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KC Residents Seek Crime-Fighting Solutions As Homicide Rate Tops 2015

After the city’s homicide rate hit a zenith in 2011 following an annual rise in murders, many Kansas City residents and law enforcement had hoped for a sustained decline over the following years. After a slight decrease from 111 in 2011 to 81 in 2014, it appears that homicidal violence is on the rise once again in Kansas City.

For 2015, the city’s police department reported an abrupt increase of 28 murders, from 81 in 2014 to 109. The number of homicides this year is a marked increased over previous years. On October 28, the city marked its 100th homicide of the year.

According to KMBC News:

At this same time last year, there were 86 homicides, with just 65 in 2014 when the city had a record low of 82 homicides for the entire year.

As the grisly murder rate continues to rise, the FBI recently “singled out” Kansas City in its annual report on crime statistics. Nationally, Kansas City was one of 7 cities responsible for the rise in violent crime according to the Bureau.

For cities with at least 400,000 residents, Kansas City’s murder rate was the fifth highest. The homicide rate increased from 78 deaths in 2014 to 109 in 2015. The report said that Kansas City, along with Chicago, Houston, Washington D.C., Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Baltimore, were largely responsible for the national increase in crime.

The concerning uptick in violent crime throughout the city brings to light calls of renewed focus on tougher policing. Until the city gives serious thought on how to effectively combat violent crime and protect its residents, Kansas City will continue to be one of the most violent cities in the country.

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