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Jefferson City Should Bring Innovative Ride-Sharing Technology To City

After enjoying much success in cities across Missouri and most recently in Springfield, the popular ride-sharing service Uber is aiming to expand its innovative services to the citizens of Jefferson City.

But, as reported by News Tribune, local city code currently stands in the way of this technology that brings jobs and increased transportation options to cities across the country:

Jefferson City’s code specifies it is illegal for any person, corporation or partnership to operate a vehicle-for-hire business without a permit. The probable penalty for violating the code would be $500 a day, City Attorney Ryan Moehlman told the News Tribune.

While Jefferson City failed to amend the law last year to allow for ride-sharing companies such as Uber, there is a pending statewide legislation that would allow for ride sharing across the state by superseding any local ordinances:

The Springfield ordinance offers a framework for wider TNC growth in Missouri, and Uber now is targeting statewide legislation rather than city-by-city policies.

Restrictive regulations and city codes have stifled Uber’s growth into Jefferson City. The City Council should pass legislation to allow for this entrepreneurial and innovative technology to provide a much-wanted service and employment option to the citizens of Jefferson City.

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