Bernie And Friends To Reintroduce National $15 Minimum Wage

Bernie And Friends To Reintroduce National $15 Minimum Wage

Those opposed to the increase warn it will actually hurt the poor by reducing employment opportunities. Employers could be forced to reduce their staff or increase prices to overcome the added cost of labor. Some critics have even expressed concern that the movement backers have alternative motives.

“This is a good idea for helping line the pockets of big labor bosses, but it’s a terrible burden on workers across the country,” America Rising Squared Communications Director Jeremy Adler told InsideSources. “Even though millions would lose their jobs and have their hours slashed, this group of unabashed left-wingers would rather appease the unions that funnel money into their campaign accounts, instead of working on common-sense policies to create jobs and expand economic opportunity to more Americans.”

America Rising is a nonprofit research group that promotes conservative policies. It has been highly critical of efforts to increase the minimum wage.

April 25, 2017

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