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AR2's communications team is among the most aggressive in Washington, DC, advancing conservative policies and pushing back on liberals by engaging a wide range of press outlets in the conservative and mainstream media across the nation on every platform - print, digital, TV, radio, etc. Below are some examples of our rapid response and communications operation having a significant impact on the current public policy debate

In The News

Partisan camps will wage real-time battle during Ford-Kavanaugh hearing

Politico | September 26, 2018

A related effort out of the opposition research shop America Rising Squared will deploy frequent emails pointing out hypocrisy from Democrats and what a source connected to the group called the “dark money apparatus that has been intent on defeating Judge Kavanaugh from Day 1.”

Harris and Booker borrow Trump’s tactics in Supreme Court fracas

Politico | September 7, 2018

The conservative opposition group America Rising kept a running tally of how many minutes of his own questioning time Booker used to speak, which dwarfed the number of minutes the nominee spent responding.

Flashback: Democrats Used to Respect Ginsburg Rule of Not Asking Judges About Specific Cases

The Washington Free Beacon | September 5, 2018

America Rising Squared released a video montage Wednesday of various Supreme Court nominees over the last 25 years following the Ginsburg Rule, named for former President Bill Clinton’s high court nominee Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who refused to answer questions about how she would rule on hypothetical cases that might come before the Supreme Court.

Democrats’ nuclear-option gambles are coming up snake-eyes

The Washington Post | June 29, 2018

In 2013, Reid asked if he was worried GOP could change filibuster on . His response: “Let ’em do it”

Fight Over Kennedy Seat—and Control of the Senate—Will Pivot on Abortion

National Journal | June 28, 2018

“They lost three red-state Democrats last year on the Gorsuch vote, and several more 2018ers will be feeling the heat since their states voted for President Trump,” Rogers said. “Yes, Democrats are energized, but it’s mostly their far-left base—like the socialist who won in New York this week—and that’s not the path to victory for most vulnerable Democrats in 2018. Senators will have a clear choice: Vote for a nominee who will uphold the Constitution, or vote for the extreme liberal agenda.”

Will Richard Cordray Leave the CFPB To Run For Governor of Ohio?

The Weekly Standard | 9/27/17

The conservative group, America Rising Squared even filed a Hatch Act complaint against him for campaigning for office on government time.

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