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In Response To Senate Ds Fake SCOTUS Hearing, AR2 To Hold Hearing On Whether A Hot Dog Is A Sandwich

As the Democrats’ failing campaign to put Merrick Garland on the Supreme Court continues with a fake “mock” hearing today with some of Garland’s allies, America Rising is taking the chance to hold a “mock” hearing and launch our latest policy initiative: determining whether a hot dog is a sandwich.

Just like today’s fake Merrick Garland hearing, we know this debate will have zero impact on the real world, and serve only as waste of time for everyone involved.

Like the Democrats’ hearings, AR will only call individuals who believe a hot dog is a sandwich to this hearing and will ignore any opposing views.

AR believes that if President Obama and his liberal allies are going to try and cement a liberal majority on the nation’s highest court during the final months of his presidency, and hold imaginary Senate hearings in the process, then we should hold hearings to determine once-and-for-all if a hot dog is a sandwich.

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