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If You Want To Stop ObamaCare Expansion In MO, Stop Chris Koster

Missourians understand why ObamaCare is such a disaster.  Because of ObamaCare, consumers face fewer choices while health insurers are seeking rate increases which will force families to pay even more out-of-pocket for quality coverage.

Unfortunately, Chris Koster wants to further exacerbate these existing problems by expanding ObamaCare in Missouri.

Koster’s record on ObamaCare is lengthy and disappointing: He initially refused to join a lawsuit challenging the legislation as the state’s Attorney General and said the Supreme Court upholding the law was, “a positive step forward.”

Now, he wants to do the bidding of Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama and bring more of the federal government’s flawed health care experiment into Missouri.

Missourians that recognize the multiple ways that this failed law has hiked costs and will force insurers to flee the state can’t support Chris Koster and endorse his pro-ObamaCare agenda.

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