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Hillary Clinton To Lead The Most Liberal Party In History

Tonight, Hillary Clinton will formally accept the nomination for a party that is more liberal, radical, and extreme than ever before. The impact of Bernie Sanders during the primary has fundamentally changed the face of the Democrat Party, forcing them to adopt positions that are far out on the fringe of the left.

These unrealistic and increasingly expensive proposals have all been included in the Democrat Party’s platform, which Bernie Sanders even touted as “the most progressive platform in history.”

On issues like the minimum wage, energy, health care and countless others, Clinton and the Democrats offer bigger government, more spending and higher taxes on every American. Their solution to every problem is to involve the federal government, taking power away from states and freedom away from individuals.

The Democrat Party’s dramatic move to left puts every small business in jeopardy and threatens the American free enterprise system that our country has embraced for generations. As Hillary Clinton prepares to lead a party that wants to go even further than the current Administration, she now is forced to own every disastrous policy that the “new Democratic Party,” has endorsed in their historically liberal platform.

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