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Gov. Greitens Calls For Passage Of Right-To-Work At State Of The State

During last night’s State of the State address, Governor Eric Greitens gave a thorough defense as to why Missouri needs to pass Right-To-Work to spur economic growth and stay competitive with surrounding states:

GREITENS: “Missourians are hard working people. They want good, quality jobs. I remember being out one morning, meeting folks, and shaking hands at a diner in Portageville. It was 5 AM. It was going to be a hot day, but people were up and they were ready to work. In county after county – in Pemiscot County, and in Dunklin County, and in Mississippi County, I spoke to people who want to work. Who want a job. Who want to provide for their families. And they are sick of seeing their friends have to get in a truck and drive across state lines for work. But they look over the border and they see opportunity. They see that in Arkansas, and in Tennessee, paychecks are getting bigger. They see other Midwestern states like Indiana, and Michigan, that are leading the nation in new factory job growth. Since 2009, the country has had ten percent private sector job growth. If we had grown just as fast as the rest of the country since ‘09, we would have 120,000 more jobs here in the state of Missouri. And if income in Missouri had risen at the same rate as the rest of the country, the average Missouri family – the average Missouri family would be making $2,400 more every year. Instead, we’ve fallen behind. And the people have sent us a message. We must do everything in our power to put people back to work in good, high-paying jobs. And that is why we must join 27 other states and sign Right To Work.”

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