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Gov. Edwards’ Non-Existent Education Agenda

Governor John Bel Edwards’ agenda has gained little to no traction this legislative session, but today, The Advocate looked at a key issue that Edwards has seemed to ignore in his agenda: education. One state education official went as far as to say “I don’t think they [Edwards’ Administration] have put together a policy that addressed education.”

Today, The Advocate dove into “why major public school arguments are a thing of the past in Louisiana,” and found by talking with State education officials that Edwards doesn’t seem to even have an education policy at all. This from The Advocate:

Some educators say the governor’s modest public schools agenda has helped keep education in the background this year.

Former BESE member Linda Johnson, was president of the panel for three years, said that after 17 months in office, she still cannot discern what Edwards’ education policy is.

“The three previous administrations, (Mike) Foster, (Kathleen) Blanco and Jindal, truly had an education agenda,” Johnson said. “Whether you supported it or not, they all three had it.”

“And I know the man has so many things to deal with in terms of money,” Johnson said of Edwards. “But I don’t think they have put together a policy that addressed education.”

Edwards has no agenda to improve education in Louisiana, and has even proposed slashing $6 million from school voucher funding.

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