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GENIUS POST: What’s Behind President Obama’s WSJ Op-Ed This Morning

In today’s Wall Street JournalPresident Obama penned an op-ed reiterating his plea for Merrick Garland’s nomination to the Supreme Court so he can fundamentally alter the makeup of the Court for decades. Remember, The New York Times wrote that if Garland were confirmed, it would lead to the most liberal Supreme Court in 50 years.

Naturally, President omitted some key facts in his piece, so AR2 decided to go through and annotate of some the important points that the President missed. Read through our Genius post and see how off the mark the President was with his op-ed.
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Between selectively ignoring “The Biden Rule,” conveniently forgetting that he voted to filibuster Samuel Alito, and not mentioning Hillary Clinton’s previous decree that the Senate can deny consent to Supreme Court nominees, there is a lot the President didn’t bring up. Unfortunately for him, AR2 is here to ensure that readers get the entire story and not just what the White House tries to spin off as fact.
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