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Fight For 15 Protesters Call For More Than 7 Million Jobs To Be Eliminated

Today, protesters supporting an extreme and economy-crushing $15 minimum wage will gather in 28 different state capitals to draw attention to their cause. The SEIU is directing this campaign, despite their hypocrisy for not paying their own organizers $15/hour, which was recently pointed out by The Wall Street Journal.

Over the last few years, multiple studies have shown that a $15 minimum wage would kill some 7 million jobs across the 28 states where SEIU is rallying today. Take a look at these numbers put together by the Heritage Foundation, showing the jobs that would be lost if a state were to adopt a $15/hour minimum wage:

Alabama 190,000
Arkansas 112,000
California 981,000
Colorado 111,000
Connecticut 46,000
District Of Columbia 11,000
Florida 727,000
Georgia 329,000
Illinois 324,000
Indiana 218,000
Kentucky 112,000
Louisiana 214,000
Massachusetts 101,000
Minnesota 107,000
Mississippi 130,000
Missouri 218,000
Nevada 96,000
New Hampshire 31,000
New Mexico 67,000
North Carolina 367,000
New York 434,000
Ohio 335,000
Pennsylvania 349,000
South Carolina 179,000
Tennessee 227,000
Texas 986,000
Virginia 221,000
Wisconsin 152,000
TOTAL 7,375,000

Again, these are just the jobs that would be lost in the state’s where there are protests today. These numbers don’t represent how economic growth would be stunted or how business would flow out of these states and into others.

It’s become very obvious that this isn’t a campaign about workers or wages. It’s a well-funded, well-organized effort by SEIU to increase its political clout through this liberal populist campaign, no matter if it costs the jobs of millions of hardworking Americans across the country.

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