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FBI Re-Opens Investigation Into Chris Koster’s Candidate, Hillary Clinton

This afternoon, it was announced that the FBI is continuing to investigate Chris Koster’s choice for President, Hillary Clinton, and her handling of classified information as Secretary of State.

The similarities between Koster and Clinton’s candidacies are eerie. Both have used their career in politics to have favors done for them by special interests, both have faced investigations from the FBI, and both support massive government programs like ObamaCare that increase health care costs and decrease choices.

Their connection went to a new level when Hillary Clinton endorsed him at a rally late last year:


Then, just last week, Clinton’s campaign announced that they’d be dumping $500,000 into Missouri to carry his campaign across the finish line, making it clear that she supports him and he’s with her.

The news today makes it very clear; a vote for Chris Koster is a vote for Hillary Clinton. Missouri needs to keep both of these corrupt, career politicians out of office.

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