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Failure Of Democrats SCOTUS Campaign Takes Center Stage

Failure Of Democrats SCOTUS Campaign Takes Center Stage

As the Supreme Court begins its newest term today, the coverage over the weekend focused in on the Democrats failure to move the needle on Merrick Garland’s nomination since last March. While Democrats have made repeated efforts to try and push for Garland’s confirmation, it’s become increasingly clear over the last seven months that the American people are skeptical of putting another Obama-appointed liberal on the Supreme Court.

Even legal analyst Jeffrey Toobin acknowledged in The New York Times last week that if Garland or another progressive justice were put on The Court, it would lead a liberal court “for the first time in decades,” which is not something that the nation seems to support. Fortunately, because of strong unity among Senate Republicans and a failed effort from the White House, the only thing Merrick Garland is known for is his irrelevance:

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