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Fact Check: Politically Motivated Attack Meant To Prevent DeVos’ Reform Efforts

As five Senate Democrats try to needle Betsy DeVos over a $5.3 million fine levied eight years ago against the now-dissolved All Children Matter (ACM) PAC, it is important to point out some context demonstrating that this attack is obviously politically motivated and meant to distract from DeVos’ strong record championing better schools for American kids.

The case against ACM was initially brought by Ohio’s then-Secretary of State Jennifer Brunner, who received major campaign contributions from George Soros through the billionaire’s “Secretary of State Project (SoSP).” Brunner even touted how much the liberal activist had donated to her:

One beneficiary of SoSP funding in 2006 was Democrat Jennifer Brunner, who defeated incumbent Republican Kenneth Blackwell in Ohio. Said Brunner, “I received significant support from the SoS Project, which helped me toward the election.”

As Matt Frendeway, national communications director for the American Federation for Children pointed out, DeVos was never even a party in this suit:

“Ms. DeVos was never a party of the All Children Matter lawsuit and as a matter of fact the Ohio state trial court ruled that neither the officers nor board members of the organization could be held liable for the judgement. The United States Supreme Court’s decision in the Citizens United case renders this case against a now defunct PAC moot. Choosing to ignore these facts demonstrates this is nothing more than an attempt to impugn Ms. DeVos’ reputation as a nationally recognized education reformer.”

Frendewey added that DeVos hasn’t had any “affiliation or dealings” with All Children Matter since 2008, and that the lawsuit leading to the fine was “baseless.”

Instead of focusing on the groundbreaking changes that are desperately needed in the Education Department, liberals are deeming it more important to re-litigate an old court case that doesn’t even involve DeVos.

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