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FACT CHECK: DeVos Supports A Strong Public Education System

While liberal senators and their teacher unions allies keep repeating their false talking points that Betsy DeVos is an opponent of the public school system, it’s important to set the record straight about DeVos’ support for a strong school choice policy that embraces traditional public schools, charter schools, and voucher programs.

  • Education experts and elected officials have made the case that DeVos will be a strong advocate for public school parents and students
  • The Wall Street Journal Headline: “Trump’s Education Pick: A Win For Public-School Parents”
  • Peter Ruppert, president and CEO of the Fusion Academy, said DeVos is “not anti-public schools” and will “do whatever she thinks is necessary to provide the greatest educational opportunities for all students in America.”
  • Finally, Michigan Attorney General Bill Schuette said DeVos has a “love and passion for public education.”

On top of that, DeVos’ husband Dick attended public schools and her mother was a public school teacher.

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