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FACT CHECK: Boarding School Educated Sen. Van Hollen Lobs Hypocritical Attacks At DeVos

Sen. Van Hollen’s grandstanding today on the Senate floor was funded by more than $160,000 from special interest opposed to Betsy DeVos’ confirmation. Along with Van Hollen’s campaign coffers being filled by American Federation of Teachers and the National Education Association, his attacks on her experience and education are hypocritical given his background of attending boarding school and elite private colleges.

The boarding school educated and private college graduating Senator Van Hollen’s desperate attacks on Betsy DeVos are hypocritical and typical of many of the Senate Democrats more dedicated to their special interest backers than the children in need of quality education.
The Facts:
  • Senate Van Hollen’s opposition to DeVos’ nomination has been bought and paid for by special interest and national teacher unions dedicated to her defeat. To the tune of $98,940 from National Education Association and $65,000 from American Federation of Teachers, Van Hollen’s unbridled loyalty to the teacher unions has been purchased.
  • Van Hollen went to high school at an elite boarding school in Massachusetts, then went on to attend private universities.
This last minute attempt by Senate Democrats to hold up the highly qualified Betsy DeVos from being confirmed is driven by those funding their campaigns.
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