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FACT CHECK: Betsy DeVos Has Stood Up For The LGBT Community

Senate Democrats’ efforts to attack DeVos on gay rights defy the facts:

In 2014, DeVos called on Michigan Republican National Committeeman Dave Adema to resign after his offensive remarks about the Muslim and LGBT communities:

Well-known West Michigan business and political figure and major Republican Party donor Betsy DeVos has apparently had enough with Dave Agema. DeVos, former state GOP chair, told Detroit News columnist Nolan Finley that Agema should resign his position as national Republican Party Committeeman after his latest round of inflammatory remarks about gays and Muslims.

Additionally, Stephanie White, the Executive Director of Equality Michigan, said she believes that DeVos’ views on LGBT issues “have evolved:”

Stephanie White, executive director of Equality Michigan, said she believes that with [Greg] McNeilly as an influence, DeVos’ views on LGBT issues have evolved. She noted that DeVos doesn’t speak out against gay rights, and even called on Dave Agema, a Michigan Republican National Committee member, to step down from the RNC in 2014 after making comments highly critical of gays. ‘She’s shown a capacity to grow in her understanding of LGBT issues,’ White said.

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