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Extremists On The Left Band Together To Help Their Donors By Attacking Workers

new bill sponsored by a cadre of far-left Senators is trying to prop up their Big Labor donors at the expense of working men and women across the country.

Senators Warren, Gillibrand, Brown, Baldwin, Hassan, Merkley, and Markey announced that they’re putting forward a bill that would ban “Right-To-Work” legislation in every state across the country. Apart from the questionable legality of the federal government trying to tell the states how to operate, this would devastate workers, forcing them to give their hard-earned money over to special interest labor groups whose views don’t necessarily align with theirs.

Instead of making unions more powerful, it’s time to give workers more freedom and allow them to choose how to best spend their own money.

It’s blatantly clear that these Senators aren’t concerned about workers’ best interest, but want to cater to their union allies who fund their campaigns. After all, this legislation would be a huge windfall for them, and these Senators are happy to do their bidding since the labor industry has poured more than $7 MILLION into their runs for office in the past, according to OpenSecrets:

Sherrod Brown $2,399,577
Elizabeth Warren $481,578
Kirsten Gillibrand $1,079,375
Ed Markey $843,300
Jeff Merkley $690,235
Tammy Baldwin $1,621,232
Maggie Hassan $299,200
  TOTAL $7,414,497

To the dismay of these Senators, the American people seem to support Right-To-Work. More than half of the states have adopted the legislation and there is mounting evidence that shows that states with Right-To-Work on the books create more jobs and workers make more money.

American workers need to see this legislation for what it is…a desperate ploy by a group of out-of-touch liberals who want to take power from the people and give it to their special interest donors. That is a mission that defines the left and proves that they will always be beholden to their contributors over their constituents.

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